CGTP-IN conveys to the Pancypriot Federation of Labour (PEO) and to the workers in both communities, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots its active solidarity in face of the aggravation of the struggle conditions for the solution of the Cypriot problem.


Turkey is illegally occupying a part of Cyprus since 1974, with that territory being one of the most militarised zones in the world. UN Resolutions demand the restoring of the Cyprus Republic sovereignty and territorial integrity and the withdrawal of Turkish troops and of the settlers.

However, Turkey persists in the occupation and in actions leading to the definitive division and colonisation of part of the Cypriot Republic territory. This stance is demonstrated by the escalade of aggressive actions in the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone, in violation of international law, particularly Maritime Law, trying to prevent the Zone’s natural resources from being used as a common asset that benefits both communities and the unity, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Cyprus Republic. A stance equally shown by the threat of unilaterally imposing a fait accompli in relation to Famagusta, which besides being a repeated infringement of international law and of the relevant UN violations, is an act of interference in the recent election of the Turkish Cypriot leader, whose outcome favours Turkish objectives.

CGTP-IN considers that the Portuguese government should develop all efforts of Portugal’s bilateral and multilateral relations, to pave the way to dialogue and return to the negotiating table, on the basis of the UN Charter, international law and agreements previously reached.

CGTP-IN reiterates its solidarity with the Cypriots’ struggle for the withdrawal of Turkish troops and settlers, in defence of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus, transforming it into a bicomunal and bizonal Federation, with political equality, as set out in the UN Resolutions and consistent with the High Level Agreements achieved by the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders.

Joao Barreiros
Member of the Executive Board of CGTP-IN