Joint Communique between the Pancyprian Federations of Labour (PEO) and the Turkish Cypriot Revolutionary Workers Trade Union Federation (DEV-İŞ), 15 March 2023

Joint Communique between the Pancyprian Federations of Labour (PEO) and the Turkish Cypriot Revolutionary Workers Trade Union Federation (DEV-İŞ), 15 March 2023

A meeting was held today, 15 March 2023, at the central offices of PEO, between the Executive Bureau of PEO and the Executive Secretariat of DEV-IS, as part of the contacts and joint action between the two Organizations.

During the meeting, the problems working people face were discussed and an exchange of views on expanding cooperation took place. The two Organisations also discussed the current situation surrounding the Cyprus problem.

At the same time, the framework of the joint programme of action for 2023 was co-decided seeking to strengthen the contribution of the Trade Union Movement of our country to the solution of the Cyprus problem and the dialogue and joint action between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot workers.

On the occasion of the meeting, PEO and DEV-IS expressed their solidarity with the families of the victims who lost their lives during the devastating earthquake in Turkey and to the families of the victims of the tragic train accident in Greece.

The two Organisations point out that working people around the world are suffering the consequences of the global capitalist crisis, which are increasing social inequalities and poverty, while at the same time expensiveness/price hikes and inflation are further eroding their living standards.   At the same time, capital and the neoliberal forces, taking advantage of the conditions, have intensified their attacks on the working class and trade union movement, on trade union freedoms and collective action.

The ongoing imperialist wars and interventions aimed at controlling the wealth-producing resources are causing immense suffering for working people, the loss of thousands of lives and turning millions of people into refugees and migration.

The unbridled exploitation of the environment for the sake of profit is leading to climate change and endangering the sustainable future of our planet.

In today’s international conditions of the militarisation of international relations and marginalisation of international law, the peaceful solution of the Cyprus problem becomes even more urgent.

PEO and DEV-IS express their deep concern about the deadlock on the Cyprus problem, as the absence of dialogue and the creation of new fait accompli are leading to the permanent partition of our country.

The resumption of the procedure of the talks from the point where they were interrupted at Crans Montana is the only way to stop the negative developments and to reach an agreement between the two communities and a solution that will reunite Cyprus.

The effort to reverse the current dangerous and fragile status quo in Cyprus is of immense importance for the working people who continue to suffer the consequences of the division of their common homeland. A peaceful and comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem will contribute to demilitarisation, the construction of peace and prosperity for all the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The two Organisations reiterate once again their steadfast commitment to the effort for a solution of a bicommunal, bizonal federation with political equality of the two communities, as described in the relevant Resolutions of the UN, with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international personality.  Any talk about other forms of a solution to the Cyprus problem is extremely dangerous, given that the real dilemma is between federation and partition.

The fate of the Cypriot working people is common and the only option is class cooperation, unity and solidarity.

With the reunification of our country, the working people, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be able to work in peace and security within the framework of a united economy, with a unified system of labour relations and working conditions for all.

The programme of joint activities for 2023, which will be implemented on both sides, will include:

  • Joint actions on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
  • Participation in the events in memory of Kavazoglou and Misiaouli.
  • Organisation of briefing meetings for workers at a district and sectoral level.
  • Organization of events and joint celebration of Workers May Day.
  • Celebration of September 1 International Trade Union Day of Action for Peace in cooperation with other progressive forces fighting for peace.
  • Joint participation in the International Workers’ Day of Action (3 October) proclaimed by the WFTU.

It was also agreed to intensify cooperation between the two Organisations seeking the employment of Turkish Cypriots in the areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus to cover needs.

Finally, the two Organisations agreed to strengthen the joint action and mobilisation of the working people on the basis of the values of the working class in order to fulfill the common vision of a peaceful and reunited Cyprus, the common homeland of all its children, for a better future and a society of equality and justice.