Joint statement by PEO, DEV-İŞ, KTAMS, KTÖS, KTOEÖS, BES, KOOP-SEN, DAÜ-SEN and the Bicommunal Peace Initiative ‘United Cyprus’ on 1 September 2023 International Trade Union Day of Action for Peace

Joint statement by PEO, DEV-İŞ, KTAMS, KTÖS, KTOEÖS, BES, KOOP-SEN, DAÜ-SEN and the Bicommunal Peace Initiative ‘United Cyprus’ on 1 September 2023 International Trade Union Day of Action for Peace

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) has established 1 September, the day Nazi Germany’s attack on humanity began in 1939, as the International Trade Union Day of Action for Peace in memory of the millions of victims of Nazism and fascism, but also to remind us all of the consequences of imperialist aggression.

The International Day of Action takes on even greater significance because of the enormous dangers and threats to the peoples and their right to live in peace. The world is faced with intensifying rivalries, armed conflicts and interventions aimed at the control of energy sources and markets.  

Growing aggression, tensions and sanctions are pushing humanity into a new arms race. At a time when working people are faced with neoliberal policies, poverty, expensiveness, insecurity and inflation sweeping away their living standards, governments are increasing their spending on military armaments instead of channeling resources into health, education and social welfare. Increased military spending and armaments are not the solution for humanity, but instead escalate tensions and endanger world peace.

The danger of a generalised war and the use of nuclear weapons is now visible with the consequences will be catastrophic for the whole world.

Climate change and extreme weather phenomena due to the rampant exploitation of the environment for profit are exacerbating social and economic inequalities throughout the planet.  These situations are forcing millions of people to flee and migrate. At the same time, fascism, racism and xenophobia are rising, threatening democratic rights, and spreading hatred and intolerance within our societies.

The class-based trade union movement in Cyprus joins its voice with workers all over the world in the struggle to defend peace, against fascism and intolerance. 

For the dismantling of NATO and all military coalitions, for a world without wars and interventions. NATO is an aggressive organisation that does not respect the sovereignty and rights of the peoples and is linked to imperialist wars.

Cypriot working people, who for almost fifty years have been experiencing the results of the imperialist plans of NATO and its allies, express their support for the peoples who are suffering from war, denounce the violation of international law and demand an immediate end to the war in Ukraine and the finding of a peaceful solution on the basis of international law.

The common struggle of the working people of Cyprus for the solution of the Cyprus problem and the reunification of Cyprus is an integral part of the wider struggle of the peoples of the world for world peace.

Our Organisations express their deep concern about the prolonged stagnation and absence of dialogue to find a solution to the Cyprus problem.   They also note their opposition to actions that violate UN resolutions, create new fait accompli that exacerbate the atmosphere between the two sides and undermine the prospects for a resumption of the dialogue, as a result of the stagnation in the negotiations.

We call on the two leaders to reaffirm in practice their commitment to the form of the solution of the Cyprus problem in a bizonal, bicommunal federation. with political equality as set out in the UN resolutions.   The Cyprus talks should resume immediately from where they left off at Crans Montana with acceptance of the Guterres Framework and the convergences recorded so far. 

On the occasion of the International Day of Action for Peace, with our joint declaration we once again send the message that we will not compromise with partition and we reiterate our commitment to continue our common struggle for peace and the reunification of our homeland. 

For a just and mutually acceptable solution to the Cyprus problem within the framework of a bizonal, bicommunal federation, with a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international personality, with political equality as defined in UN resolutions.   For a demilitarized and independent state that serves Cypriots turning our country into a bridge of peace and security for our entire region.

We call on all workers to join us in the event in honor of 1 September, for more spending on health, education and social security, against armaments and imperialist interventions, to send a strong message that we continue the common struggle for peace and reunification.


Programme: Friday 1 September

– 18:45 Gathering at Freedom Square

– 19:30 Converge with the march of Turkish Cypriot trade union organisations at Ledra Palace. Joint meeting and reading of a joint declaration.

– Musical Programme with the bi-communal Band ¨Cypriot Association”

Peace in Cyprus, Peace in the World!