Message of solidarity to the strike in Greece February 28, 2024

Message of solidarity to the strike in Greece February 28, 2024

PEO expresses its solidarity with the national strike taking place today in Greece, with the participation of 37 Labour Centres and 22 Federations, representing tens of thousands of workers in all sectors of the economy.

The strike takes place one year after the tragic train accident in Tempi, where 57 people lost their lives, with their families still waiting for justice and punishment of the culprits.

We support the strike’s just demands for collective labour agreements and wage increases, for abolishing anti-labour laws, for supporting public health and education, for taking measures to deal with high prices and the cost of living as well as its stance against imperialist wars.

The workers who produce the wealth are still suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis, of social inequalities and impoverishment, while their trade union and social rights are under attack.

In such harsh conditions, the working class has awakened and is sending resonant messages through its struggles.

We join our voice with the workers of Greece and PAME and we stand in solidarity with their struggles for peace and social justice.