New General Secretary of the WFTU, Pambis Kyritsis

Statement by the Pancyprian Federation of Labour (PEO) on the election of Pambis Kyritsis as the new General Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU)
Sunday 8 May 2022

The 18th Congress of the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) concluded its deliberations today, 8 May, in Rome, with the election of its new leadership bodies.

Pambis Kyritsis, former General Secretary of PEO, was elected to the highest post of the WFTU, namely the post of General Secretary.
Pambis Kyritsis since 2000 has been one of the WFTU Vice-Presidents with a significant contribution and presence in the International Trade Union Movement’s activities.
His election is an important honor for Cyprus and reflects the esteem and prestige that PEO enjoys, despite our country’s small size, within the WFTU of which it is a founding member.
The WFTU Congress was attended by 426 delegates from 100 countries representing the hundreds of trade unions affiliated to WFTU from all continents.
On the agenda of the Congress, in addition to reviewing the Federation’s activity since the last Congress, delegates, in an atmosphere of unity and militancy, discussed the programme of priorities for the International Trade Union Movement which is to be the guide to action for hundreds of class-based trade unions representing millions of working people around the world.
The priorities of the international class-based trade union movement of the WFTU are the protection of collective agreements, dignified wages, safety and health conditions and solidarity with working people’s struggles.
At the WFTU Congress the PEO delegation was headed by the General Secretary of PEO Sotiroula Charalambous, the Deputy General Secretary of PEO and General Secretary of the UITTB International Building Workers Union Mihalis Papanikolaou and the Head of International Relations of PEO Pieris Pieri.