PEO solidarity message with the working people in Argentina

PEO solidarity message with the working people in Argentina

24 January 2024

The Executive Council of the Pancyprian Federation of Labour of Cyprus (PEO) expresses its solidarity and support to the strike that the trade unions in Argentina are holding today, 24 January 2024, to express their opposition to the vicious anti-social policies being imposed by the neo-fascist government of Javier Milei that serve the interests of the economic and political oligarchy.

These policies include cuts in social spending and a drastic devaluation of the currency, the suspension of collective labour agreements in the public sector, the privatisation of state-owned companies and changes to labour legislation that affect working people’s rights and living standards.

The Decree of Necessity and Urgency, the Protocol against mobilisations and social protests, and the so-called “Omnibus Law” are undemocratic measures and constitute a direct violation of working people’s fundamental trade union rights such as the right to organise and strike. 

Responding to the call issued by the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) and Argentinean trade unionists, we assure the Argentinean working people that we stand on their side in solidarity with their just demands and struggles for justice.